Services offered


  • Emotional problems (anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, performance anxiety, improvement of self-image, coping mechanisms,…)
  • Behavioural and developmental disorders (aggression, ADHD, bullying,…)
  • Pedagogical questions and/or problems
  • Guidance of children/adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASS), as well as guidance of siblings/parents of a child with autism.

Group training

  • Social skills training (6 to 9 years old  and 9 to 12 year old). The training can only start if there are enough candidates administered.

Psychotherapy (Adults )

  • Emotional problems (anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, low confidence, loneliness,…)

  • Grief and coping problems (bereavement, divorce, handicap,…)

  • Stress and anxiety difficulties (tension, sleeping problems, hyperventilation,…)

Psychological assessments

  • Assessment of intelligence and cognitive skills
  • Attention research (assessment of concentration and the different forms of attention)                                                                                                 
  • Social emotional inquiry
  • Tests of executive functions

(planning, inhibition, flexibility, working memory, organizational skills,..)