Katrien Brewaeys

Kim Vandendriessche

My name is Katrien Brewaeys. I work as a clinical psychologist with children and adolescents.

I studied clinical psychology (option children and adolescents) at the university of Leuven and

graduated with distinction in 2012.

From 2012 till 2014 I followed a course at the AP in Antwerp, focusing on guiding people with autism.

In 2018 I finished the course ‘Solution-focused, Cognitive and Systemic Psychotherapy’      (2014-2018).

In Psychologisch Centrum Grimbergen, children and adolescents can contact me for assistance with social, emotional and behavioral problems and psychological assessment. During the therapeutic process, I find it important to involve the parents and sometimes other significant others.

Together with the client, I try to find solutions for their questions starting from their own strengths.

I am a member of the professional association (BFP) and psychology commission, under the approval number: 892 113 225.

My name is Kim Vandendriessche. I work as a clinical psychologist with adolescents and adults.

During my Masters in Clinical Psychology (University of Ghent), I developed a great interest in neuropsychology which motivated me to study the additional Master of Brain and Mind Sciences at the Brain and Mind Centre in Sydney.

During this course I have gained knowledge and insight into the origin of behaviour, emotions, cognition, and more importantly how they influence, affect and interact with each other.

In 2018, I obtained the certificate of Coach Burn-Out, given by Dr. L. Swinnen.

Currently I am enrolled in the course Solution-Focused, Cognitive and Systemic Psychotherapy.

In Psychologisch Centrum Grimbergen, I offer counseling for social, emotional and behavioral problems, coping problems, anxiety difficulties, stress and work related problems, burn-out, and psychological assessment.

I am not only focused on the ongoing difficulties: the strengths of the person are equally important.

These strengths provide different opportunities regarding their well-being to realize the most desired outcome at the clients’ own pace.

Since interactions with our close

social environment shape the person we are, I believe it to be meaningful to involve the social context of the client.

Together, with comprehension and support of family, friends and care givers, I am convinced the client can attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplish and thus quality of life can be highly improved.

I am a member of the professional association (BFP) and psychology commission, under the approval number: 892 113 582.